Luc Shelton

Senior Tools Engineer Yakuto

Senior Tools Engineer


London, United Kingdom Country Flag for United Kingdom

Yakuto started out as a side project by original founders James Gratton and Jordan Kirk. Having never made a game before, they spent two years crafting Table Tennis Touch. In 2014, the game launched to rave reviews, hit the top of the charts and Yakuto was born.

Senior Tools Engineer

2020-02-23 - 2020-07-31

During my tenure at Yakuto, I was responsible for building, extending, and supporting user-facing tools and backend systems that fulfilled various needs. This including but not limited to: data and analytics, build systems, and content tooling. This was my first professional experience working in a primarily macOS development environment, and was not directly interacting with the Unity engine itself. Most of the tools and services that I worked on mostly used web technologies for reasons relating to portability.

Data and Analytics

Build and Automation

  • Refactored, extended, and supported existing command-line tooling - written in TypeScript - used for automating the generation, packaging and publishing of in-game assets. Produced assets were ingested by Unity.
  • Supported and maintained TeamCity build system powered by Docker containers.
  • Developed build configurations for linting, testing, packaging and deploying Python based backend services to Google App Engine, for the Data Analytics team.